We Guarantee: Responsiveness, Reliability and Outstanding Customer Service


• High Quality and Comprehensive Marketing of Available Rentals • Thorough Screening of Prospective Tenants • Short Vacancies between Tenancies • Expedited Dispersal of Owner Income • Detailed and Easily Understandable Accounting of Funds • Exceptional Responsiveness to the Needs of our Customers and Clients

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InHouse Management has served Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and surrounding areas with comprehensive real estate management, maintenance and leasing services for residential, commercial and HOA properties since 2008. At InHouse it is our philosophy to provide all of our customers and clients with the highest level of reliability, responsiveness and customer service. We excel at responding promptly to the needs of both our clients (property owners) and customers (renters). We treat our customers and clients fairly and with respect. This is why renters use our service repeatedly and therefore keep our clients investment units occupied consistently at the highest rents. We pride ourselves on returning calls quickly, taking care of maintenance concerns promptly, and getting available units rented as efficiently as possible.

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When you have InHouse managing your property, you can rest assured that you have a team of highly trained, motivated and licensed professionals working to achieve results for your investment property. We understand the importance of carefully managing, and maximizing profitability on your rental property as several of our licensed property managers are real estate investors too! Annually we lease and manage over $ 150 million worth of real estate, and we take pride in the fact that we have grown to be one of the most successful and highly respected firms in Texas. At InHouse we manage your property like it were our own by finding you the most qualified tenants, minimizing vacancy, maximizing rents, and promptly taking care of maintenance concerns to preserve your valuable investment.

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We strongly believe that our marketing team is second to none – and not just in Texas but across the US. Our team has backgrounds in Internet marketing and lead generation, and efficiently and effectively utilizes a multi-faceted approach to market and advertise your rental property. We work diligently to gain the greatest exposure possible for your available rental units by utilizing a variety of different advertising sources including but not limited to our own highly-trafficked websites, a broad network of licensed leasing professionals, the MLS, social media, the Zillow network and an ever growing database of well-qualified renters. And the best part? Our marketing team is 100% FREE to you. If we don’t lease your home, you don’t pay a dime.

We aim to have your rental units occupied as quickly as possible and for the highest rent. We constantly evaluate market conditions and advise our clients on how we can best achieve your investments goals, and our current average Days on Market is just 17 days. Did you know that some of the LARGEST multi-family property management companies in the nation (Gables, Greystar, Windsor etc.) , use OUR agents to assist in leasing out their properties?

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Every month, we collect rent from your tenants, pay your expenses, and then distribute the balance of income to you during the same month! The fact that we distribute income to you the same month as we collect sets InHouse apart as many real estate management firms distribute funds to owners in arrears (the month following the payment). Our lease reflects that rent is due on the first, and becomes late at the close of business on the third. Given that rent has been paid on time, InHouse is able to distribute funds to you on or before the 10th of the same month as rent was paid. Following distribution of income, we email detailed financial reports each month that itemize each and every occurrence of income and expense related to your property. These reports serve as a complete record of all financial activity related to your property, as well as providing year end income and expense totals for your tax accounting.

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Another strong point at InHouse is our communication with renters and owners. Our property managers will keep you up to speed on what is happening with your property. We customize our communications to fit the needs of our owners, and the level of communication each owner prefers. We are easily accessible by email or phone, and our office is open and staffed from 9am to 7pm, 7 days a week.

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You will find our team to be friendly and responsive to your needs. Through a commitment to ongoing training, real estate management licensing, and continuing education you will not discover a more successful, effective and friendly team than InHouse Property Management!

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Upon receiving applications from prospective tenants for your property, we carefully and consistently screen renters to ensure that they meet our criteria as highly qualified tenants. We complete a thorough evaluation of a broad range of factors to determine that a tenant is qualified to rent your property. Our criteria includes, rental history; credit history; employment status; verifiable income level; criminal background check; reference checks; and supplementary documentation. We process applications efficiently, and our foremost concern is to be proactive about finding you the highest quality renters. We abide by all fair-housing and anti-discrimination laws as well as the NAR code of ethics.

Following approval, tenants are secured by their tendering of security deposit and signing onto our comprehensive lease agreement. Our lease has been designed to protect you and your investment by giving our management firm the tools we need to effectively manage your property. We are firm and fair with tenants and we take the extra time when signing the lease to ensure that tenants understand their responsibilities as well as our responsibilities to them. We find that taking this extra time on the front end of the tenancy serves our clients well in eliminating many problems during the course of the tenancy cycle before they begin.

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With InHouse managing your rental property, you will know that we are inspecting your home annually.  We do so to determine how well your property is being cared for, and to identify any general maintenance concerns that need to be addressed.

InHouse offers a comprehensive maintenance and repair service. From handyman work to major improvements to your property, InHouse can take care of all your maintenance needs. InHouse has a large network of licensed general contractors equipped to handle handyman work, painting, plumbing, electrical, dry-wall repair, HVAC, drain-cleaning, locksmith repairs, roofing, lawn-mowing, grounds-keeping, snow removal and everything in-between. We are set up to take care of all the maintenance issues that could arise with your investment property.

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